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I love people, all people and I look forward to the day that I can meet with you.

I personally can’t think of a more rewarding or soul fulfilling experience than being a part of your very special day as your wedding officiant.  This is a day that will live forever in the memories of yourselves, your guests and your families. It should be perfectly planned and carried out. Yours Forever Weddings is here to make this special occasion as stress free as possible. Your wish is my command.  No detail is too small as I strive to help you realize the wedding of your dreams. Yours Forever Weddings recognizes the unique nature of all weddings and that planning the ceremony is paramount.  I would like to meet with you both initially to begin to hear your unique story. Then we can begin to plan this beautiful event.  I do traditional and non traditional weddings as well as other ceremonies.

Minister John Spears


Minister Spears has worked with couples for over ten in years in religious and secular settings. He has advised couples both before marriage and after they have encountered difficulties once married. He will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding spiritual, physical or mental preparedness in approaching your special day.

Minister John and Stephanie Spears


Married for over 40 years, John and Stephanie are the proud parents of two children. Stephanie is a retired travel agent with over 40 years of experience in the travel industry. She also has a background in couples counseling and healing.  She now assists with the wedding and other related Yours Forever Weddings bookings.


I love people, all people and I look forward to the day that I can meet with you


I am an ordained minister/officiant residing in the Elk Grove area. I love people, all people and I look forward to the day that I can meet with you and begin to discuss your vision for your special day.  This day is a memorable milestone in a couple’s life and it should not be treated lightly. I would be humbled and honored to be a small part of this day. I have been married for over forty years and every day is a day of wonderment. I will work with you stress free, on your schedule, to plan and execute this unique and personal day. If you would like some pre marital counseling prior to your special day I recommend it but it is certainly not mandatory. I will work closely with you to design your wedding to be as unique as you both are.


Beth & Jordan

Happily Ever After

Some recently married couples.

Haley & Kyle

Amy & Jason


Community involvement is a passion of mine.


Community involvement is a passion of mine.



Pre-marital counseling is recommended by Yours Forever Weddings as you contemplate marriage or once a decision to marry has been made. This decision to commit to one another should be made with a clear understanding of the physical, spiritual and mental responsibilities that go along with such a lifelong union.




We are available to also do public or private baby dedications. We would love to participate in this event and we are open to your desires for this occasion.

Baby Dedications                                 $50


Motivational Speaker                        $200



Upon your contacting us we will set up a time to meet that is convenient for you. The vision for your special day will be discussed in detail.  We will be in regular communication with you prior to the wedding to ensure your comfort as this can be a stressful time and to ensure the most successful outcome.  We are always as close as a phone call away to update details or answer questions to accomplish our shared goals.  This day is a once-in-a-lifetime event and is not to be taken lightly. We at Yours Forever Weddings plan to do everything in our power to walk step by step with you along the way from start to glorious finish.

Weddings in the immediate Sacramento area                $295-$325

(Rate includes one counseling/interview and

\one rehearsal)


Weddings in areas 50 miles outside of the
Sacramento area are an additional                                   $50

(Rate includes one rehearsal if requested)


Weddings in areas 100 miles outside of the
Sacramento area are an additional                                   $100

 $50 per hour
(two hour minimum)

(Rate reflects counseling within 50 miles of Sacramento area)


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Contact me for a free consultation to discuss your big day. I am happy to help with the day of officiating or pre-marital consulting.



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